See what our clients are saying about us:

We love and adore every single thing you found, ‘magicked’ up, brought, and procured for us. You have put so much thought and care into this; it’s like having an island-mommy. Your eggs are fantastic; we can finally have breakfast without me giving a depressing lecture on how badly cage-hens are treated.
— A clan of Fergussons and Voigts | Harbor Island, Eleuthera
Thank you, thank you for the thanksgiving decorations. I could not have asked for anything more perfect the guests loved it!
— Chief Stew Monique | M/Y Imagine
I actually love ya Joei, and I can see that you take pride in what you supply. I understand it is really hard here as you are at people’s mercy as I am! The fish was delightful, thank you!
— Chef Julian | M/Y Satori
You are a superstar. Thanks again for being so efficient. We really appreciate your efforts.
— Michaela | M/Y KOGO
I want to thank you so very much both personally and professionally for your services. You made my trip a success
— Roger | M/Y KOGO
Just finished repackaging and packing stuff into our small freezers. Just barely going to make it. Congratulations on the professional job you do… your clients much be extremely impressed! From the coolers to all the ice to ensure everything stays frozen, you’ve got it all together, Joei! If you ever need a recommendation, we’re here to back you! Thank you, thank you again!
— K & B | Rainbow Bay, Eleuthera
TOP NOTCH! Many thanks, Joei!
— Gordon - Chef | M/Y Lady Sura
You have been sooooo incredibly awesome - cannot thank you enough for making me look so good as a Chef with the highest quality of food! Will be in touch soon!
— Chef Carrie Ann | M/Y Symphony II
Thanks Joei! Hope you guys have a great season. Thanks again for all your help over the past few seasons. If it was not for companies like yours, us yachties would not know where to turn.
— Chef Justin | M/Y Victoria Del Mar
Thank you very much for the provisions today. Everything was fantastic.
— Chef Troy | M/Y Triple 7
While I have time, I need to THANK YOU again. Some of the produce was the best I’ve seen in a long time - definitely the best food in The Caribbean/Bahamas since our arrival.
— Chef Brett | M/Y Happy Days
Joei, you have been a great help to us. Thanks for everything.
— Stew Jacqui | M/Y Happy Days
I wanted to take a minute to appreciate your firm and all it’s employees. It’s not often when something goes wrong in this industry and people don’t start pointing fingers to everyone else or just charge the boat for the mistake no matter who is at fault. Your admittance to our recent issue even though my email caused most of the confusion really said a lot about the honesty of your firm and its commitment to compleat customer satisfaction. This being both my and my cooks first time dealing with purveyors I’m glad it was with Island Purveyors and appreciate your patients, hard work, flexibility, and dedication. Being a small boat with small orders and limited refrigeration I was concerned about getting the level of service needed to provide the owner with the level of food quality he demands. However your firm quickly put my worries to rest by providing me with top quality food and service every time.

Thanks you all so much and I look forward to our next trip to the Bahamas and working with you all again.
— Capt. Bryan | M/Y Four Real